Making the most of my week off

So, a week off work. Thank fucking god for that. Another day and there would have been a death. It’s hard to know who the murderer and who the victim would have been out of me and my colleague. Either of us would have been a safe bet for either.

I refuse to spend the week being either angry or upset.

So, I will make the week a success. I’m planning to go to London to see some exhibitions and I’m also going to dig a pond in the garden. The latter is somewhat outside my comfort zone, I have the upper body strength of a ninety year old. If fact, I’ll believe it only when it is done. But I intend to give it a try.

I spent most of my youth playing in or around ponds and I love British amphibians. With the disappearance of ponds from most gardens today, I plan to do my bit to reverse the trend. I hope to encourage frogs and newts, I’m not having fish, so their young will be able to prosper in relative safety. It will be the perfect addition to my garden, already a wonderful habitat for wildlife due to my total neglect of it!

As for how I will benefit, besides the warm glow of conservation, I have been dreaming wistfully of summer days by the pond, toes dipped in, sun on my head.



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